Is the wedding decoration also provided for you?2020-03-24T08:16:20+00:00

No, the decoration of the wedding day is a very personal aspect. We can offer you a list of providers in the field of floral decoration if you wish, but we do not manage it directly. What we do take care of is the basic setup of the wedding, that is, the preparation of tables for the banquet, the chairs for the ceremony, the party room…

How many guests can stay overnight?2020-03-24T08:17:52+00:00

Mas Gircós has the capacity to accommodate up to 174 guests on the wedding day. In El Clar del Bosc there are rooms for up to 210 guests.

Do we have to contract Albacasaments’ providers?2020-03-24T08:19:05+00:00

Hiring the providers we offer is always an option, never a requirement to get married in our houses. Each wedding is unique, so we understand that you’d rather have the services of a photographer, a floral decoration company or a DJ of your choice. However, we have made a selection of professionals in the different areas of weddings to facilitate your organization. The only requirement to get married on the premises of Albacasaments is to hire our services for the wedding menu, since we have our own kitchen specialized in weddings.

Do we have to pay for the exclusive use of premises?2020-03-24T08:20:22+00:00

No, you do not have to pay any extra cost for having the house at your exclusive disposal. Contracting Albacasaments’ wedding menu services entitles you to an exclusive use of the premises from Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm. Apart from the cost of the menu, all other expenses you may have will be for extra services that you may or may not hire.

Is there a minimum number of adult guests to celebrate our wedding on your premises?2020-03-24T09:19:36+00:00

Yes. The minimum number of adult guests varies according to the month of the year and according to the house where the wedding is celebrated. In 2021, the numbers are:

Mas Gircós: 80 April, 100 May and October, 120 June and September, 60 rest of the months

El Clar del Bosc: 60 April, 80 May and October, 120 June and September, 60 rest of the months

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